Industrial Die Casting Process.

Aluminium Gravity Die Casting

Castech’s Die Casting Process.

Aluminium Gravity Die Casting is a permanent mould casting process that produces very high quality surface finishes with thin walls and cast-in inserts so intricate shapes can be cast rapidly and little subsequent machining is required.

Industrial Casting

Industrial Casting

Castech produce high quality aluminium casting products to a range of Australian industries and business.

The process we use to produce the casting is outlined below;

  • Metal die is manufactured, usually in 2 parts, to form a mould.
    Molten metal is poured into the mould.
  • Once solidified, the die is opened and the casting removed either by hand or with the use of pins in automated processes.
  • Excess material including the gate, runners, sprues and flash can be removed using a trim die in a power press or by hand.
  • Scrap metal is then re-used in the production cycle by re-melting or recycled to produce more products.
  • We use high quality aluminium, and other non-ferrous alloys with fixed casting moulds to produce a high quality product that are delivered on time.

Die casting is an efficient economical process when larger quantities of castings are required. Reduced or no machining allowances can be achieved depending on the casting shape and tolerances required.

Die Casting Products

Die Casting Products

The Industrial Die Casting Process delivers many benefits including;

  • Excellent dimensional accuracy
  • Smooth cast surfaces
  • Thinner walls can be cast allowing intricate shapes
  • Inserts, such as threads, heating elements and high-strength surfaces can be cast-in
  • Minimal machining is required or eliminated
  • Tensile strength is higher than with sand casting

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