Castech specialises in short runs of small to mid size castings in a wide range of alloys including aluminium, iron and steel. If your company is engaged in manufacturing engineering, you probably use components made of metal. They could be fabricated, forged or cast. However, if you want to have limitless choice of shape and configuration, only castings will provide that. They are cost effective too.

The team at Castech has extensive experience in casting methods and technologies and we have faced and solved a myriad of challenges from various industries. This experience means we are able to assist you to develop your product right from conception, to prototyping, to production. We can tailor the composition of a metal specifically to suit your particular application. Castech can produce castings in a wide variety of alloys, one off or thousands. This gives you the flexibility to choose castings even for short runs. Our fast turn around times also reduces the need to hold large quantities of stock.

Our status as a preferred supplier to many customers is based on honesty, integrity and service, and the highest level of quality achieved through the use of the lastest technical advances. Castech has forged a strong relationship with the Australian Submarine Corporation by supplying castings that meet the most stringent of requirements and specifications.