Castech is strictly customer-focused. Your complete satisfaction with our product quality, price and delivery time is our principal objective. We aim to supply all castings in conformity with appropriate cast metal standards and agreed specifications, to meet and even exceed your expectations.

The Castech motto, “Complete casting solutions – when quality matters”, reinforces our company philosophy and epitomises our goals. We recognise that our services and products reflect the skills of our employees, the quality of the materials we use and our capacity to effectively manage the processes involved.

Our business objectives and goals are summarised in an active business plan and we regularly monitor our performance. This assists in our drive for continuous improvement in our product range, product quality and the effectiveness of our quality management system. We review our policies and processes regularly, to ensure that they continue to satisfy our objectives and the AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Systems Standard.

Work Health and Safety

One of Castech’s most important policies is that focusing on the health and safety of our workers. We have set procedures in place and each employee is trained in safe work practices that are designed to avoid accidents. They are expected to adhere to all safety regulations and approved codes of practice, including wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment supplied.


Castech is extremely conscious of environmental concerns, so management meets regularly with the Environmental Protection Authority to discuss issues and implement improvements in procedures. This mainly involves minimisation of noise and the controlled release of gas emissions so there are no noxious odours or particles. The company is also committed to reducing waste and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

We make sure that our employees are aware of our all policies and procedures and it is the duty of each employee to apply them and accept responsibility for their own quality performance.