Ferrous Melting

At Castech, we have four tilt-pour induction furnaces with a combined capacity of 1250kgs gross for the production of ferrous castings. For small ferrous heats and tryouts up to 120kg gross, we use our push up melter.

Non-ferrous Melting

Aluminium is bulk-melted in a 500 kg capacity gas-fired furnace and transferred into two 350 kg electric resistance furnaces. It is then treated, de-gassed and held to temperature ready for pouring.

By utilizing all 3 tilt pour induction furnaces along with our push up melter, our bronze capacity is 950kg gross. This enables us to produce large bronze castings in a wide range of alloys to internationally recognised standards. This range includes Phosphor Bronze, leaded Bronze/Gunmetal and Aluminium Bronze in many differing grades to suit specific applications.