Castech’s moulding and Casting services

Castech Found in South Australia

Adelaide Casting foundry in South Australia

Castech is a modern foundry in Australia, based in the Adelaide suburb of Wingfield, South Australia.
Castech supplies engineering based industries with high quality, competitively priced ferrous and non-ferrous castings that are delivered on time.
Castech’s Adelaide moulding and casting services has the capabilities to deliver for your projects requirements.

Adelaide Moulding and Casting

Adelaide Moulding and casting

Castech offers a complete Australian owned and operated foundry service from prototyping and trial runs through to production. The phenolic resin sand moulds we use give your castings an excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

To meet your needs, we are able to work with metals such as aluminium, bronze, grey irons, white irons, carbon steels and alloy steels, including stainless steels.

Melting capacities range from 100 to 1000 kg. This means that we are able to produce your castings in various alloys and a range of sizes.

To guarantee the integrity of your castings, we employ the latest computer-aided technology to perform casting solidification simulation before actual moulding takes place. Prior to pouring every heat, we analyse the metal using optical emission spectrometry and computer generated correction to ensure that each production run is the same and certified as conforming.

All castings are carefully hand finished to remove flashing during the casting process. Each casting is then shot blasted with stainless steel shot to give the casting a uniform texture and finish.

The team here at Castech has extensive experience in casting methods and technologies and we have faced and solved a myriad of challenges from various industries.

Below are some of the Capabilities Castech can provide:

  • Moulding Process
  • Melting
  • Die-Casting
  • Heat Treatment
  • Pattern Making
  • Machining
  • Metal Range
  • Digital Manufacturing
Casting and Moulding

Casting and Moulding

Inside the Castech Plant Foundry in Australia

We take a look inside the Castech Foundry. The modern Castech plant covers an area of 1700 square metres and includes additional space for front offices:

With our state of the art foundry equipment we are equipped for any project large or small.

As industry demands small and large quantities we have installed the following to cater for your project;

  • three induction furnaces
  • two resistance furnaces
  • one gas-fired furnace
  • one gas heat treatment oven
  • one electric heat treatment oven
  • a four station moulding machine
Moulds Adelaide


We have installed special purpose machines to perform gravity die-casting of aluminium and we also provide on-site heat treatment and non-destructive testing of your castings.

Castech use the highest quality grade aluminium castings and we specialize in the following industries.

  • mining
  • defence
  • power generation
  • automotive and petroleum
  • oil and gas
  • fluid transfer
  • general engineering

Castech has forged a strong relationship with the Australian Submarine Corporation by supplying castings that meet the most stringent of requirements, quality and specifications.


Castech - Australian Made & Owned

Castech – Australian Made & Owned

Castech operates with a Quality Management System (Certificate no. FS 604700) that covers every aspect of the business and production and is certified to comply with Australian Quality System Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015.

If you would like more information on Castech capabilities and services please contact us by simply filling out the contact form and one of our staff will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can contact us directly via our address and phone number listed below:
ph: +61 8 8349 7299
fax: +61 8 8349 7275
9 Moss Road Wingfield
South Australia 5013

PO Box 188 Dry Creek SA 5094