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Largest Bronze Casting

With quality craftsmanship, Castech has successfully cast our largest bronze casting to date. A large bronze impeller cast for a major Australian pump manufacturer. Weighing in at a gross weight of 1040 kg and net weight of 470 kg, it was a brilliant result.  ... Continue Reading

155Kg Impeller

Another quality casting produced in our foundry. A 155kg Aluminium Bronze Impeller casting for a major pump manufacturer. Below are images of the completed casting. Our Aluminium Bronze Impeller after completed machining and balancing operations have been completed, a perfect result!  ... Continue Reading

380Kg Propeller Casting

Cast in stainless steel this quality propeller casting weighs in at 380kg was made for a major international pump manufacturer by our Boss Moulder, Brad.  Below are images of the completed Propeller casting after machining operations. The client agreed to have the 3D CAD modelling and... Continue Reading

Welcome Brad Walsh

We would like to welcome Brad Walsh into his new position here at Castech. He will be joining our office team as our Quality Manager. Brad brings with him over 40 years experience in the foundry and metals industry with numerous successes and achievements throughout... Continue Reading

New CASTECH 3D -Fortus 450MC Printer

Castech has embraced the latest technology in 3D printing, further advancing our capabilities within the foundry industry and beyond. With South Australia’s first and only Statasys Fortus 450MC printer, allowing for speed, performance and accuracy in 3D printing. See Brochure. Castech 3D offers extensive services from... Continue Reading

ICN Case Study

  Castech on the attack in defence sector South Australian advanced manufacturer Castech is in the thick of the action in the defence sector as it looks to replicate its initial maritime success. A privately owned company established in 1947, Castech has forged a reputation... Continue Reading

New Spectrometer Installed

Installation of a new SPECTROMAXx LMX 06 Arc/Spark Optical Emisson Spectrometry Analyzer. To meet the demand for accurate analysis of metal composition, Castech has installed the latest model spectrograph which is the benchmark of performance in foundry applications. Accurate analysis of material is vital in the... Continue Reading

New Sand Mixer for Castech.

The new WES Omega Sand Mixer CM6000. As part of our commitment to ongoing improvement, Castech recently has installed a new WES Omega Sand Mixer CM6000. Built by WES Omega Foundry Machinery, our preferred supplier of high quality foundry equipment, the mixer has an output of... Continue Reading