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Celebrating 30 years

Enjoy this throwback to celebrate 30 years of Castech in Wingfield. The Hon Lynn Arnold MP celebrated the foundry opening at the new Wingfield location on October 13th 1989. The company began life as Cu-Base in 1947 in the Adelaide suburb of Woodville, operating in... Continue Reading

New Shot Blasting Unit

In response to our increased workload, Castech has recently invested in a new, quality shot blasting unit. The twin-thrower rotating table shot blast machine increases our output of quality castings and allows for greater flexibility in final processing. The process is fast and efficient as... Continue Reading

New Solar Panels at Castech

This past week has seen the final installation of Castech’s new solar power system. The solar array, consisting of 368 panels rated at 270 watts, will provide Castech with renewable energy without environmental emissions. The increase in SA’s electricity pricing has had a big impact... Continue Reading

110kg Bronze Impellers

Two high quality impellers poured in grade C92610 bronze have just left our foundry for delivery to our customer. Weighing in at 110Kg each after being fully machined, the result had our customer satisfied once again with our consistent high quality and short lead time.... Continue Reading

Iron Sheaves

These castings produced are for quality and reliability in ductile cast iron, each weighing just over 20kgs. Cast for a steelworks in Whyalla these sheaves are used in a large pulley system in the manufacturing process. These images were taken post heat treatment and machining... Continue Reading

Castech’s Core Blower

Earlier this year, supported by a grant given by the state government, Castech was able to purchase a core blower to support and enhance the foundry process. This enables the ability for all cores, including the complex water jacket cores for CHI, to be blown... Continue Reading